Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm not sure if that's the right name for this trend (V stripes? Half-a-chevron?), but whatever it's called I'm liking it. Featuring a pattern that's bolder and more unique than your basic zig-zag, these pieces are standouts in perfect fall colors. 

1 >> Juicy Couture Fredo shoes, $250
2 >> vintage Vera scarf, $12
3 >> Oslo pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond, $26.99
4 >> Blu Bijou Orange Chevron Drop Earrings, $43
5 >> Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, $280
6 >> Alice and Olivia Vida Metallic dress, $220

I'm particularly in love with the scarf, shoes and clutch. (Of course I like the two most expensive pieces. ugh.) Are you coveting any of these as much as I am? 

P.S. I'm working on a new Look for Less based on a room from one of my all-time favorite too-expensive stores. Get excited for some cheap prettiness!


  1. Alexandra, thank you so much for featuring our vintage Vera scarf in your Blog!

  2. Gorgeous collections! I especially love the clutch and the dress.. Love all the color so much as well -akiko