Sunday, October 30, 2011


In the past week's process of trying to get stuff done and go to work while having a nasty lingering cold, I completely forgot a certain milestone...

the delicious birthday cake my blog
totally would have had, had it remembered
its own birthday

This little blog's first birthday! I published my first post on 10/26/10, just before making the move from New York to Boston. 

I don't have any particularly profound reflections on the blog itself, but I do want to tell you all how truly grateful I am for –YOU: your thoughtful, lovely comments; your enthusiastic approval of my humble apartment; your fantastic support of my little venture into getting paid to do something that's so much fun; and your continued interest even when I fail at posting for weeks on end. It's been a stressful year in many ways, not least of which is how my dead-end job has forced me to rethink the career I've been working so hard on for so many years. However disenchanted I become with that, it is so wonderful to have such a warm and welcoming outlet for this other passion. 

With that said, the bigger mark on the calendar right around now is Halloween! We threw a party last night, so I've had Halloween decorating on the brain this past week while I sat home sick and sewed our costumes (we dressed up as Elizabeth and Darcy from... Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was epic.) And I realized that Halloween decorations tend to be among the tackiest of tacky holiday accoutrements. I mean, orange and black – how can that be anything but in-your-face ugly? ....Right? Maybe not so much. Some contradictory evidence...

Christine Halcombe


Haynes Roberts

Stacy Zarin

Apartment Therapy House Tour

Ryan Korban via Lonny

Sara Story

Sara Story

What do you think - would you implement this color scheme in your own home, or is it too high-contrast for your tastes? Would you prefer one of these more subtly spooky looks?

is it just me, or does this table scare you too? 

creepy spider lamp. I am terrified of spiders and could never live with this.

Happy Halloween!

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