Saturday, November 5, 2011


I have some Craigslist for you tonight, by request of Brandi in Dallas, TX. She's looking for a mid-century credenza under $200, and not only did I find plenty of options for her but I also found lots of other fantastic pieces!

We'll get to the credenza in a bit. First up, I set myself a unique challenge: create a board made entirely of pieces under $100. We all know that Craigslist is a great place to find great values on things, but even if a piece is cheap for what it is, that doesn't mean that we can afford it. Most of my friends balk at spending any money at all on furniture, so here's proof that the broke twenty-something need not resort to IKEA...

curtains, couch, rug, end tables, mirror, trunk, chairs, table

Yup, that's a long one! I'm imagining this as the living/dining space of a little one-bedroom apartment. Next up, a space with much more pedigree and elegance: a cozy bedroom filled with gorgeous antiques:

headboard, chair, dresser, lamp, rug

The next was vaguely inspired by the eclectic, exotic Hollywood Regency aura of Charley's dressing room in the movie A Single Man. I know this one went around the blogs, and who wouldn't want to get dressed here every morning? (Those of you who haven't seen the movie, btw, should absolutely go rent it, and prepare to cry a lot.) 

My version is for those of us who live in the real world and don't have the luxury of a separate dressing room. Use the chest as one nightstand and put the desk on the other side of the bed to use it as a vanity/nightstand/desk!

desk, stool, headboard, chest

Last but not least, Brandi's request: a CHEAP mid-century credenza with plenty of storage. Here's one option in this set, and look for some more links below!

chairs, credenza, benches, cocktail table

More credenza options (with some dressers and sideboards and other storage pieces mixed in): one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. It all depends on what sort of storage you're looking for...

Which room would you love to transport into your home if you could? And what city do you want to see next?


  1. These are great boards. Can I ask what editing program you are using to trim away the rest of the photo around the items?

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I just use Photoshop (badly, as you can see!) to trim and color-correct.

  3. Wow! I love the first room and the bedroom/ dressing room! Could you do a San Francisco (south bay) craigslist roundup? My husband and I recently relocated to a small apartment and have been on the hunt for a round dining table and some storage pieces for our tiny living room/dining area for weeks. Would love to see what you could find!