Saturday, November 13, 2010


Two of my favorite recent purchases are a dark orange sweater [below] and a like-new J. Crew navy blue coat (on Ebay for $41!). I realized that they go beautifully together, and now I'm a little obsessed with this color combination...

clockwise from upper left:
[a] Poppies Wallpaper by C.F.A. Voysey, reprinted by Trustworth Studios
[b] Velvet robe from Toast
[c] by Garance Doré
[d] Needlepoint Platforms by Rachel Comey, from Anthropologie
[e] Traversa cardigan from J. Crew

Autumn has always been my favorite season, even though some years that perfect crisp air and bright sunlight only last for a few weeks. When I asked my boyfriend to describe this color, he said "autumn leaves" and I realized why I'm loving it so much right now. I have a lot of orange-&-pale-blue interiors pictures in my file, but when combined with navy it makes for a much more moody, dusky almost-winter feeling. 

clockwise from upper left:
[a] William Morris oriental rug from Metropolitan Carpet
[b] Nate Berkus
[c] Terrace House Jacket from Anthropologie
[d] lovely living room from... I don't know the source - sorry!
[e] Kenzo
[f] don't know where I found this either

Incidentally, I bought the jacket in the upper-right yesterday. I felt guilty because it was expensive even at 50% off, but then when I was looking for images for this post and found this in my files, I figured it was fate :)

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  1. ah I love burnt orange and blue...I always figured it had something to do with it being knicks/cuse colors (my love goes beyond cuse....sorta) my sun burnt orange flats are still my favs.