Monday, June 13, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned tweaking designs after they're "done." I've been doing a lot of that in the few months since we supposedly finished the apartment. If any of you compared my original posts about my apartment with the images posted on Copy Cat Chic you might have noticed a few differences...

I put a coat of glossy black paint on the Ikea nightstands that I had previously stained walnut brown, and added black grosgrain ribbon and greek key trim (from Michael's) to the edge of the screen. 

In the living room, I added an absolutely fantasic inlaid chair (from Craigslist, of course, for under $100). This was my first birthday present (the second being the ring!). The seller told me that it was Syrian, and 
the style looks Moroccan. I love the intricate details:

I FINALLY bought pillows. When I knew I was about to finish buying all the furniture we needed, I decided I would not get pillows for the couch, so I would have an excuse to go shopping once in a while. After lots of agonizing over the only purchase I was "allowed" to make, I decided that I was being silly and it was time to just make/buy some. I made the geometric blue and white one from a napkin; the watercolor one is from CB2; and the coral one is from HomeGoods. 

yup, now you can see how terribly bowed the shelves are...

Last but not least, I made myself an inspiration board. We originally planned to put a desk in the bedroom where the chair and ottoman are, and I had imagined putting a big bulletin board near it. So, despite the (current) lack of desk, I used the leftover fabric from the ottoman project to make a bulletin board to put on the back of the bathroom door. I just used a door-shaped piece of foam board (I had some leftover from the screen) and some cork tiles, all stapled together with the fabric on top. Here are some in-progress pictures and the finished product in its current state:

Inspiration board cum jewelry holder, actually! That table in the upper right, from Martha Stewart Weddings, is actually one of my primary inspirations for the décor of my reception.

Has anyone else been working on any little projects or additions?


  1. what is that fabric? throw? that is draped on your sofa. It's also you background image. Love it thanks!

  2. ... oh and where are your lamps from? Those are great too! I love faceted anything.

  3. The pattern is called "Minaret" by Osborne and Little; I altered the color for the blog background. The throw is a knockoff of that pattern that I found at TJ Maxx! The tag says "Melange Home," but I think I remember the packaging being labeled "Gramercy Home," which is one of those brands that I think only exists at TJ Maxx / Marshall's / Home Goods. I think it was $30, which was definitely a splurge for a throw at the time - but totally worth it! The lamps are from West Elm, but I bought them on Craigslist ($30 for the pair). The shades are from Target (in store now!)

  4. Please can you tell me where you bought your zigzag rug for the dining room? Thx

  5. Hi Alexandra,

    I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for greek key. Just wanted to tell you I really dig your style. That screen is awesome and your craigslisting is quite impressive!

    Following you now.

    Happy Weekend! (I need to get a life and get off the computer now...)