Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Things I've bought recently:

The World of Ornament, $50 on Amazon
(but FREE with points from our Amazon credit card!)

adorable Lulu Guinness flats, $25

Things I wish I could have bought recently:

loveseat upholstered with my favorite DwellStudio fabric, $725
on The Foundary (yup, it is the same as that Nate Berkus one from
HSN, but with much cooler fabric - made by Skyline Furniture, just
like a lot of Urban Outfitters' and Target's furniture)

LOFT necklace, $9 at current sale price

Things I've made recently:

$100 brass & glass trestle desk (crappy phone pic, sorry).
Let's not talk about the iMac, whose motherboard died
precisely 1 week after we bought it on Craigslist, also
known as the reason we made the desk in the first place.
Yup, concentrating on the awesomeness of the desk.

My very first design board! Entry with $350 budget.

More regular posting next week, when one of my two temporary jobs ends. What have you been up to recently?


  1. Hi, love your blog, where did you get those cute lulu flats?

  2. Thanks! I got them at The Garment District, a thrift/vintage/costume store in Cambridge, MA