Thursday, July 14, 2011


It has been hot here in Boston lately: that oppressive, heavy sort of heat that leaves you feeling tired and listless and wanting to stay in your air-conditioned bedroom all day instead of getting up and taking advantage of summer fun. It's making me want to trade the usual summer uniform of denim shorts for a delicate, billowing skirt and conjure up a lovely breeze. No, not like that other 60's icon you might be thinking of (apologies for the very obvious title reference, by the way – I couldn't resist). Think less sexy and more ethereal...

clockwise from upper right:
Tiffany's ad

In the city or – better yet – at the beach:

clockwise from upper right:
via Liebemarlene
Åsa Tällgård via Oh Joy!
Lisa Gowing (designer)
Rodney Smith (photographer)

What are you wearing this summer – and what do you wish you were wearing instead?

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