Monday, August 1, 2011


...some fabulous gold sunburst chargers. And, while we're at it, I'll take some of those napkins that happened to be monogrammed with my initials.

I'll pass on everything else, though, especially that tablecloth. There will be many more wedding-table-setting related posts before next June, but while we're on the subject, I have a question: WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SHINY AND PLASTIC? We went to the showroom of a linen rental company a few days ago, and after seeing a lot of polyester faux-silk, I voiced my dislike. The (otherwise very nice) woman responded in a rather belittling tone, "Well, yes. That's because it's a party. It's not like you have to live with it." Are parties supposed to have more fake dupioni in them than real life is? 'Cause I feel like good taste is good taste. Not to mention that my tables are going to have plenty of real (silver or brass or gilt) shiny things on top of them. 

Back to the topic at hand, does anyone know how to get their hands on sunburst chargers?


  1. Love your blog, been following since I found you through Copy Cat Chic. I found the chargers for rent through "Classic Party Rentals" but as I want them for my dining room rather than a wedding, I'm still on the hunt- but here's a link just in case it helps :)

  2. Thanks, Mary! I actually finally found them on that site too a couple of days ago but sadly they don't have a Boston location, so I need to talk to my caterer and figure out whether there's any chance of them existing somewhere local :/ (and, for that matter, whether I could afford them...)
    If I find them available to buy anywhere, though, I'll let you know!!