Monday, August 29, 2011


After a lovely week spent with family in Arizona, we flew home Saturday night, just in time for hurricane Irene. On the positive side, the MFA closed today so I didn't have to go to work. On the negative side, if they had made that decision just a few hours earlier we could have rescheduled our flight and spent three more days in the sun. Boo.

In any case, you've probably noticed that I did not spend my vacation blogging. I did, however, spend some time thinking about what to blog about. My original plan for this blog was a very informal one: something to the effect of "post about whatever's on my mind when it's on my mind." But posts take a very long time to write, research, and publish, so the reality has involved a lot more thinking and planning than expected before actually posting. I've noticed my posts falling into unintentional categories of sorts, and I've been thinking that perhaps I should create a little more structure and get your input about what you'd like to see on this blog. I don't want to go so far as to create regular "features" (like "wedding Mondays," or "Craigslist Tuesdays"), but I would LOVE to hear which types of posts are most interesting to you. Here are some of the aforementioned categories I've noticed, with examples of each...

1] Inspiration roundups (
pictorial wallpaper, midnight blue + ochreinspiration boards, greige, billowy skirts
2] Product roundups (velvet, metallic-toe shoes, bamboo, agate + geodes)
3] Craigslist decorating (I, II, III, IV, V)
4] My projects (recovering my ottoman, making my desk, making my inspiration/bulletin board)
5] Being an art history nerd (J. Crew + Millais, J. Adler + ancient Peru, 18th century pocketbooks)
6] Wedding plans and ideas (inspiration, more inspiration, table settings
7] Looks for less (Plantation Design ad)
8] Random assortments of images and links, either from my files or products I've come across; this would result in more frequent posts but less structure (examples here, here, here, and here)

I'm not a huge commenter – I NEVER commented on blogs before I had my own, and I'm still pretty bad about it – so, comment-shy people, I get it. But I really want to hear from you, even if it's just an anonymous "I like #5." And feel free to give me any other feedback you want! I started blogging because I wanted to be able to talk about my crazy interests with people who wouldn't be bored to tears by them. Now that I actually have some readers, I'd really love to hear from all of you!


  1. I especially appreciate your "Looks for Less" (you are a master), personal projects, and Craigslist features. Your design boards are excellent too. Also love the product roundups. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. I love when you link art history to modern design. :) Definitely something I hear about uniquely from you!

  3. I like your projects but, I think you have true talent with the CL features. You can find some digs!

  4. I love the projects, look for less, the CL decorating, and the inspiration boards, but I wish there were live links on the inspiration boards rather than just inspiration! :) I guess the common theme here is that I like how you put expensive-looking rooms together at a fraction of the cost. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love the look for less you did on the Plantation ad and you can never go wrong with random inspiration!

  6. I started reading your blog because of your house feature on Copy Cat Chic and fell in love, you have an amazing home! I would love to see more CL decorating (maybe doing a board for every city?), your projects, and a little product inspiration! Keep up the good work you have a wonderful eye!

  7. Hi Alexandra! This is Chelsea --your fellow Met intern from oh-so-long ago :) I rarely comment on blogs either, but I've been following your blog for a little while and I really love it--so here I am with a comment! By the way I often wish you lived close to me so you could mentor me in cheap-chic apartment decor and we could talk blogging together :) Anyway, to answer your call in the post... I of course love the art history posts (have you seen the Miss Moss blog? She does some fashion/art history posts that are gorgeous!). And I also love the looks for less, and definitely your own projects--it makes me feel like if I were crafty enough I could do them too! Keep up the amazing work!

  8. I really enjoy your blog alot! Love your inspiration posts, products you love, craigs list finds, your DIY and looks for less and random musings. Its fun! I check in every now and again and am always pleased!

  9. I enjoy your Clist finds and look for less......also all the great pics you post!

  10. i'm chiming in a little late, but I love all the things you've posted about, esp the moodboards.