Wednesday, January 25, 2012


... that I actually have sources for most of the images I've posted lately? I discovered an awesome trick recently that's helped me find sources for tons of images that I saved years ago. Here's how it works:

1. open Google, then click on "Images" to pull up Google Image Search:

Then locate the item on your desktop that you're trying to search for. Start dragging it and you'll notice Google tells you to "drop image here" right below the text search box.

Release your mouse once the icon is hovering over that blue box, and it will upload your image:

Google will find every instance of the same image posted in other places online, as well as identifying the subject of the image (in this example, taken from a recent post, a black tufted headboard) and searching for that.

Almost invariably, one of the first image results will be the original source (often a company or magazine's website). In this case, someone uploaded a number of scans from Elle Interior (that's the Swedish version), along with credits for the designers, stylist AND photographer!

Is this one of those things that everyone already knew about? Am I way behind the times (apologies for this waste of a post, if I am), or is this a new discovery for some of you, too?


  1. I didn't know. Thanks for this!

  2. That's so awesome!!! I also use to reverse image search too :)

  3. I didn't know and will totally be using this for the many pre-pinterest inspiration images I saved to my computer! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thank you for giving me my new favorite resource!!

  5. Woohoo! That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing this great tip!

  6. I'm so glad this is new to everyone else, too - and useful! I was hoping this wasn't old news to all of you. Ellie, I hadn't heard of TinEye - that looks like another fantastic resource!

  7. I had no idea..thank you so much for sharing is quite an amazing tool!

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