Friday, January 20, 2012


Some of my favorite purchases and presents of the past few months!

First, the big one: I bought this coat for myself in November as a present to myself. I've been so happy to have gotten such steady design board requests since I decided to start offering them, and I thought I deserved a little reward not only for supplementing my sad little paycheck, but also for making my work life a little less terrible by doing something I love in between real workdays. This is really m
y first grown-up purchase – I think it's the first well-made thing I've ever payed full price for. And considering that I've worn it literally every day since, I think it was worth it!

J. Crew Townhouse Trench

Santa was good to me this Christmas! Lovely things and practical ones... 

quartz earrings from the fiancé from
Persona Jewelry (the wonderful jeweler who made our ring!)

J. Crew Edie purse. Thanks dad!

Rob Ryan plate set

Victorinox SwissCard

And of course, despite the big pre-Christmas purchase, I couldn't help doing a little January discount shopping.

Sam Edelman loafers, $20 (originally $199)

Diane Von Furstenberg dress, $30 (originially $345)

tortoiseshell highballs, $2.99 each at HomeGoods

Any fabulous recent purchases? 


  1. Wow, some great pressies there! Love the jacket and the earings and I am so jealous of the sales you can get there - what bargains you bagged!!

    1. I was fibbing a bit by omission; I found the shoes and dress (the best deals) at Last Chance, aka the most amazing store ever, while visiting the fiance's family in AZ. It's where everything that gets returned to Nordstrom stores goes to die, and it's probably good for my bank account that I can only go there a few times a year!

  2. Alexandra, those Rob Ryan plates are AMAZING! I fell in love with his work after seeing at the Museum of Art and Design's paper show 'Slash' a while ago, then I found some of his cards, which I have hung up in frames in my entryway. I had no idea he made plates--I foresee a Modcloth purchase in my future... I'm sorry work is so frustrating, but thrilled to hear your blog business is steady and fulfilling!

  3. Really difficlut to find some dress suit for me