Monday, January 3, 2011


In case anyone was wondering.

I'm currently exhausted from a misguided day of DIY philanthropy. (I stupidly offered to paint my friend's apartment and furniture. Enter Murphy's law, and she now temporarily lives in an apartment with a lot of half-painted walls and objects.) However, I have a bit of energy to review what happened during my uncalled-for holiday absence. Friends? Family? Joy and good cheer? Yes, yes. 
And a lot of pretty new things.


the big one. nicer pictures of our apartment, coming right up!

Tracy Reese coat from Anthro – on sale for ~$85 down from $288 right before Christmas.
Technically I bought this, but the boyfriend wrapped it and called it a Christmas present.

the salad plates and the napkin holders

msoft echo touch glove
Touch glove from Echo
(you can keep them on while using your smartphone)

velvet pillow from Urban Outfitters

bow necklace from CuteAbility on Etsy

why yes, I am a dork.

And, inevitably, reckless after-christmas sale shopping:

Dress from Zara with an adorable print of women walking dogs

J. Crew bronzed leopard shirt, $10. Waaaay prettier in person.

Simrin Optic Linen Napkins from Burke Decor (to make into pillow covers)

Including, as always, some killer finds at Last Chance:

three dots dress (but in purple), $13

Rebecca Taylor dress, $13

Alice boots by Tracy Reese, $50

Now that I feel utterly spoiled, overindulgent, and guilty, I promise that (a) the family time and holiday cheer was by far more important and enjoyable than the presents, I was just being sarcastic; (b) my next post, which will NOT take two weeks to appear, will have actual content, like possibly some "after" pictures of my aforementioned friend's bedroom.


  1. Hey! Love this blog (and the awesome Harry Potter wand)