Friday, January 21, 2011


Current most exciting thing in my life: my landlord is going to update the bathroom and kitchen!

I was under the impression that there was actually someone involved who really loved the pink bathroom and brown stove. In reality, the unit just wasn't empty long enough to renovate them. 

And, the best part: he said that I can help pick the finishes. 

Since it's a rental, I can't exactly go crazy here. Which is fine. I may or may not already have an image in my head of what my ideal bathroom looks like, and it may or may not look something like this:


floor tile, $9.90 per sq. ft. here
mirror, $100 here
sconces, $139 each here
faucet, $120 here
sink, $572 here

He showed me the apartment directly upstairs, whose bathroom actually *is* renovated. It has wainscoting, which isn't something I would normally gravitate toward, but in the context I actually really liked it. 

I don't know whether a console sink like that would be landlord-approved, since it lacks storage space (then again, the one we have currently does too – or did, before I added a skirt). And I clearly don't know what the budget will be, but I think that most of the sources I found are relatively inexpensive. Even carrera marble could be doable, considering how little floor there actually is. 

I obviously have no idea what I'm doing here apart from fantasizing, having never actually owned or renovated anything in my life, but I think this is the sort of neutral backdrop that future generations of tenants wouldn't hate (I'm talking to you, 60's person who chose the pink tiles). A coat of paint on the walls above the wainscoting could instantly transform it, if they get bored of so much white. What would you hope for a rental bathroom to look like?

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