Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I think the inspiration for my bedroom is much more evident in the final product than was the case for my living room. It started with two ideas: first, that I definitely wanted dark walls, and second, that I happened to find an awesome asian screen for $25 on craigslist. With those elements fixed, I decided on a neutral but luxe palette to complement the wow factor of the screen-headboard.

numbers determined by rows, top to bottom
[2], a bedroom by Betsy Burnham, is one of my all-time favorite bedrooms.
[1] Stephen Gambrel and [4] Nate Berkus: these type of neutral, textured and luxurious spaces were what I had in mind for the furnishings.
[3] also Betsy Burnham. This is one of the closest to how my bedroom actually turned out - although, in this picture, the white molding looks good, whereas it's starting to drive me crazy in my room.
[5] I loved the peacock wall color in this Domino image. My almost-identical version is Behr's "Heron."
[6] Although the furnishings in this room by Peter Frank (with the exception of the light cowhide) are a little too casual-boho for my taste, I love the vintage screen against that deep blue grasscloth! 

I doubt anyone needs convincing to agree that a giant gold chinese screen is pretty fantastic, but here's some corroboration, just in case:

[1] I love the eclectic mix of styles and colors in this space by Huntley and Company.
[2] A little darker and more overtly glamorous, this bedroom by Cecilie Starin is nevertheless similar in its use of neutral colors and a variety of textures to create that modern-chinoiserie vibe.
[3] An old Domino favorite, this little vignette isn't really a screen, but is still my favorite inspiration for large-scale chinoiserie pattern.
[4] This image of Lázaro Rosa Violán's studio has also made the blog rounds time and time again, but it's my favorite example of a chinese screen mounted on a wall.

Dark bedrooms have been in everyone's mind for a while now, and I've stocked up plenty of dark-walled spaces in my files. These are some favorites:

[1] This was one of the first images I saw that made me really interested in interior design. I don't know what specifically clicked, but it might have been the combination of dark walls (I grew up with white ones), the chandelier, and those luscious pooled curtains.
[2] The Portrait Suites Hotel, via Apartment Therapy
[3] Just like everyone else, I am still completely obsessed with Jenna Lyons' house.
[4] Homes and Gardens magazine

And my favorite subset of dark walls: dark blue walls. Just in case there weren't enough examples earlier in this post, here are a few more:

[1] Another early favorite. Someday I'll have a room with this color scheme!
[2] If I could somehow combine my wall color and my headboard, it would equal this wallpaper from House and Garden magazine. I would also kill for those "clostra" window screens.
[3] Drake Design Associates. I kind of wish my nightstands were the left half of this desk.
[4] Dwell Studio 

I hope that satisfies everyone's thirst for pretty pictures for the week! Now this blog is going to return to regularly scheduled programming. Oh wait, that's just more pretty pictures...

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