Thursday, May 26, 2011


If you've clicked over to my blog from Copy Cat Chic today, welcome! For the approximately 5 of you who were already here and don't know, I'm excited to announce that my apartment is being featured as a home tour over on Copy Cat Chic today!

I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some favorites from the archives for those of who who are new around here...

roundups: scalloped designs, bamboo, velvet, and agate & geode

craigslist decorating: I, II, and III
geeking out a little: J. Crew & the Pre-Raphaelites, eighteenth-century pocketbooks, Jonathan Adler & the ancient Peruvians

And the original posts about my apartment, complete with sources for everything from furniture to accessories, are here: 
living roombathroombedroom, entry and kitchen


  1. Hi! I just clicked over from Copy Cat Chic, I'll be your newest follower. I love your place!

  2. I agree w Gloria! What a fun post on Copy Cat. Your home is adorable. Question for you: What color is the paint in your living room and dinning room? I'd love to know. Thanks, Lauren

  3. I was so impressed with your home - what you have created, using such accessible sources, speaks volumes to both your creativity and editorial eye. I actually showed the whole post to my husband and incredulously told him what you paid for each amazing piece (Chinese screen-as-headboard and brass nesting tables were my favorites!) Very inspiring, great job!

  4. Hi there ... I've just discovered your blog via copy cat chic!
    I love the fabric print used in your header... Can you please tell me the details?
    Many thanks

  5. I enjoyed the tour of your apartment on Copy Cat Chic. I've been looking for a natural-fiber rug for our family room and noticed you have one in your bedroom. I'd love to know where you got it, and if you feel it's a good quality.
    Thanks so much -- Janet

  6. Girl, you've put together an amazing place! I was born and raised in NYC and know the space struggles. But I'm even more impressed with your patience and DIY skills!

    I love the two sorta hour glass things you have on your mantel with black and blue sand in 'em. Were they a Craigslist find or think I could still find them in a store?

  7. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!!

    Lauren - The paint color in the living/dining room is Martha Stewart's "dolphin" (the actual paint is Behr premium plus ultra - we had it color matched).

    Janet - The rug in the bedroom is the 8x10 Jute Boucle Rug from West Elm, but we got it on craigslist for $50. It has some holes near the edges - it seems to have been really put through its paces by the previous owner - but I think it's great and have seen many other bloggers touting it as well!

    Amelia - The fabric in my header is Dwell Studio for Robert Allen's "vintage plumes" in jade. You can get it here, among other places:

    Laura - I must admit, I am a little starstruck! I have read the Scoop for ages and the invitations you created for your sister's wedding are one of the primary inspirations for the invitations I'm designing for my own. I absolutely love your aesthetic and I'm so flattered that you like mine!

  8. Anonymous 12:57 - the hourglasses are from the Elle Decor for Kohl's collection; you can find them here: . Sadly they do appear to be more expensive than they were when I got them.